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These lustrous white, exquisite organic gems have existed for thousands of years. They were described as the “tears of the gods” in Persian mythology, symbolized wealth and wisdom in ancient China, and denote happiness in Japan. Surely one of the most beautiful products of nature: freshwater pearls! It is possible to find just the right jewellery for any woman – or indeed for any person. I find pearls particularly beautiful – whether classical white, large, small, or coloured. Or in combination …. My pearl creations are with or without semi-precious stones and usually feature my favourite ball-shaped magnetic fastening, perfected with sterling silver. A simple and yet sophisticated fastening that is an attractive ornament in itself. Strings of pearls of varying lengths are available, some integrating a silk ribbon or cord. For my leather jewellery I use a soft, high-quality napa leather that feels particularly pleasant to the touch. Brightly coloured stone beads serve as real eye-catchers, some also in combination with pearls, as for example in the Ronja bracelet series. Due to the wide range of different colours available, it is possible to find something to suit any wardrobe – whether you are looking for something for yourself or for a special gift. Your Eli von Hutten.